Turning Earthworms into Entrepreneurs – The Digital Makeover of a Vermicompost Venture

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We took the Vermicompost brand from struggling to find clients to signing high-ticket clients!

I have goosebumps saying this. But here we are.

A little backstory:

  • For starters, I wanted to learn something new.
  • I’m a people person, I just really had to be there.
  • It was a super informal event, or, as we say, an expo!
  • I loved a specific kiosk. It was so purely drawing me.
  • Went up to them, & it turned out to be a vermicompost brand.

And guess what?
I closed the deal.

Here’s how:

  • I just asked in the middle of the conversation, casually, “Do you guys have a website?” – “Do you have an online presence?”

It would either be a Yes or a No.

The founder was a biotechnologist. She indicated straight toward wisdom.

She said NO.
She didn’t have a website.
She didn’t have an online presence.

But she wanted to build one.

But, here’s what she wanted me to know:

  • Vermicompost is a low-ticket area in the market.
  • Building an online presence would be a steep risk.
  • They weren’t doing as well in business as they were supposed to.

What I understood?:

“Vermicomposting is laborious, difficult, and tiring. But in contrast to how difficult the job is, things in the market sell for less than half the work. That’s how low-ticket brands emerge. It’s not their fault, but the immediate market.”

Here’s the solution:

  • Built them a website
  • Used Online advertising
  • Used Organic marketing
  • Community Engagement
  • Used a User-Centric Design
  • Focused on the value proposition
  • Brand Identity (logo, color palette, typography, brand guidelines)

That’s where I had goosebumps. Her revenue has now boosted by 77% alone through building a personal brand. She now has social media handles that promote her work, give a behind-the-scenes, and help reach people just via the website.

Here are a few pieces of advice:

  • Don’t Fear Risks
  • Online presence is vital
  • Keep Learning and Adapting
  • User-Centric Approach Matters

Also, don’t forget to celebrate when you get results for things you didn’t anticipate.

PS: Which brand did you recently help?
What did the achieve with your advice/work?

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