Mastering Multiplicity : How Combining Skills Makes You Irreplaceable

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Are you a copywriter pocketing enough dough to put food in your stomach and clean socks on your feet?

You just can’t be a writer if you want to do all of this!

Just one skill is not enough to let you earn all white linens in your wardrobe!

Gone are the days of Ernest Hemingway sitting at his typewriter swallowing blood.

👎 I used to think that if you dedicated ten, twenty, and thirty years of your life to mastering a very specific skill, you’d end up being highly successful.
I don’t believe that anymore!

😎 You have to be smart!

Most people spend a good portion of their lives mastering one very specific skill.
⛷ Riya masters graphic design.
⛷ Kavyansh masters marketing.
⛷ John masters accounting.
⛷ Mohit masters coding.
⛷ Jatin masters sales.

Each of these people has just one skill, and their job profiles are easily replaceable!

But, you don’t need to MASTER multiple skills all at once!

That will take your entire life running around the loop of perfection.

Just learn a few ‘neighboring skills’ enough to reach a certain place where you understand them up to an intermediate level, and you are immediately irreplaceable!

Think of Ankur Warikoo!
He has got the following skills in his kitty:
💪 Remarkable communication skills
💪 Confidence to face the camera
💪 Exceptional storytelling
💪 Business acumen
💪 Excellent writing
💪 Book Design

All of these skills sandwiched together make him irreplaceable as an industry leader!
He has got his own USP!

Discover your USP!
Become priceless!
Be unique!

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