Redefining LinkedIn Personal Branding: One Year, 500,000 Impressions

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I got 5,00,000 impressions on my posts in the last one year, exactly from September 2022-September 2023. (Damn 3000% rise)
No doubt, I waited for so long to offer LinkedIn Management Services to the Founders of funded companies.

Being a noob, I had started offering LinkedIn personal branding when my own profile was quite new and naïve.

However, I quickly realized that people don’t trust you with their accounts if your own account does not show the required performance.

I quickly deleted those words from my headline, skills, and services wherever LinkedIn Personal Branding was mentioned.

Now more than a year later, I have:
✍🏻 My LinkedIn profile
🤟 My client’s profile
🫰🏻Google Sheets
👍 Case Studies
🫵🏻 Statistics

All these things are ready with me as proof of work whenever I get on a call with a potential client to discuss this service.

I don’t give the excuse of an NDA when it comes to showcasing my client’s stats.

Even if there is an NDA, the statistics can be shown without revealing the client’s name. No one can fake the stats, trust me.

PS: The screenshot mentioned in the picture are from my own profile. Screenshots don’t lie.

PPS: If you are B2B business founder looking for a personal branding manager, don’t hesitate to drop a DM.

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