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Strikethrough DMS sprang to life from its Founder's genuine love for all things design, visuals, and branding.

Back in 2021, this little company took its first steps, and against all odds in the bustling world of digital marketing, managed to soar to impressive heights.

In a digital realm teeming with marketers vying for attention, Strikethrough DMS emerged as a breath of fresh air, seamlessly weaving together artistic ingenuity and strategic prowess. As the company's story unfolds, you'll find that its dedication to crafting compelling narratives and visually arresting experiences is nothingshort of remarkable.

Whether you're seeking to revitalize your brand's identity or embark on a journey of visual transformation, Strikethrough DMS stands ready to infuse their expertise and passion into every pixel, every line, and every stroke.

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Meet Our Founder

Preety Auluck


Meet Preety Auluck, a dynamic and driven Mompreneur who is a firm believer in the power of compounding efforts and strives to improve by just 0.01% every day.

With her passion for self-improvement, she is not only making waves in the business world, but also inspiring others to strive for excellence.

Under her guidance, Strikethrough DMS has received numerous awards and accolades from renowned organizations such as Women Economic Forum, Entrepreneurs Media, Star International MSME Forum, MSME Conclave 2.0, and many more.

Our Team

Meet Our Creative Folks


Social Media Expert

Simran is a super-cool Gen Z Social Media expert who knows the way to understand the ever-changing algorithm of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. She has boosted the reach of 16+ clients on Instagram in just a few months.


Branding Manager

Branding projects delivered by Shweta grab eyeballs online and offline. She comes up with remarkable results in designs for packaging , merchandise, and digital branding that make a brand stand out in the market.


LinkedIn Manager

Meet Mahak, our dynamic LinkedIn Manager at Strikethrough DMS. A savvy Gen Z professional, she's a Social Media maestro adept at navigating the nuances of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube algorithms. Mahak has significantly expanded the online presence of 16+ clients on Instagram in record time.


Meta Ads Expert

Nikunj, a Meta Ads Expert at Strikethrough DMS, is a dynamic professional specializing in the intricacies of online advertising. With an adept understanding of Meta platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, Nikunj has successfully amplified brand visibility for numerous clients. His expertise lies in navigating the evolving landscape of social media algorithms, ensuring impactful and strategic marketing campaigns that drive results.


SEO Manager

Shivam, the SEO Manager at Strikethrough DMS, is a seasoned professional with a knack for navigating the dynamic landscape of search engine optimization. With a strategic approach, Shivam has significantly enhanced online visibility and rankings for numerous clients, contributing to the overall success of Strikethrough DMS in the digital realm.



Kavya, a dynamic copywriter at Strikethrough DMS, wields words with precision to captivate audiences. Fluent in the language of brand narratives, she has crafted compelling copy that resonates across various platforms. Kavya's expertise lies in transforming ideas into impactful messages, elevating the brand presence of Strikethrough DMS clients through her creative and strategic approach.


Website Developer

Talent multiplied by kindness is underrated, but Ateeb has plenty of it when it comes to exceptional results in Website Design and helpful ideation for new clients who have no clue what to do with their first website.


Website Designer

With over 5 years of hands-on expertise in crafting captivating and functional websites, Fardeen is proficient across diverse platforms including WordPress, Shopify, and Wix. If you seek a blend of creativity, and technical acumen, Fardeen is here to deliver just that.

“Because there is a word for EVERYTHING!”
-Founder, Preety Auluck
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