April Fools to CEO : A Content Writer’s Path to Entrepreneurship

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April Fools to CEO: A Content Writer’s Path to Entrepreneurship

From a Content Writer to a CEO, my journey wasn’t easy.

– “Was it easy?”
– “It was a straight leap.”
– “It must have been thrilling.”

Life wasn’t flowers on the bed. When people said, “You’ll overcome it”, I saw no light at the end of the tunnel. I experienced multiple tragedies at once.

But I faced it, and I’m happy.

I relocated to Delhi and started focusing on self-improvement. I distinctly remember the date 2013, when I began my career in content writing.

No, I didn’t suddenly realise that this was it. It’s funny that I was a content writer even before I realised it. I’ll tell you how:
– I worked for a news agency in my hometown.
– I wrote formats of content for 10+ years.

But here’s the deal: I didn’t know the term was “content writing” until I was formally hired in 2015.

I hustled for 2 years and got a better prospect. But I can’t deny that:
– I was a victim of corporate politics.
– I wasn’t on good terms with a few managers.

When I thought things couldn’t take a worse turn, I was laid off from my dream company when Covid hit. After months of reassurances to the team, working from home, and endless good times – we all were laid off in the blink of an eye.

I was heartbroken. I wanted to start freelancing. But guess what a friend told me? – “Open your own agency. Be your own boss.”

Here’s how I did it:

📌 Took a decision instantly. I hate procrastinating.
📌 Decided a name that would match “me”.
📌 Researched my target audience.
📌 Understood what I was best at.
📌 Customer-Centric Approach.
📌 Multi-Channel Marketing
📌 Built a Stellar Portfolio
📌 Refined Sales Pitch
📌 Measure ROI

On 1st April 2021, Strikethrough DMS was born.

Wait. It was “April Fools” when I became a Founder. But, no, it was not a joke, though.

PS: I got my son to the office recently and he enjoyed every bit of his time there ‘like a BOSS’!

PPS: Do you take your kids to your workplace?
What do you think about it?

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