Breaking the Mold : How Strikethrough DMS Stands Firm in the Global Market

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Why do freelancers/agencies in India still want to serve the people abroad?
Because they pay 3x the Indian clients?
Certainly yes!

But there is more…

I am ‘not’ sorry to put it out bluntly that the Indian clients, at least many of them if not all, are fraudsters/scamsters.

The Indian clients want the best service in the world, but they don’t want to pay the freelancer/agency well.

The clients want the 24×7 commitment, but they don’t want to give the service provider the due credit, forget giving a testimonial.

I totally understand not every individual can have deep pockets to pay the expensive service provider.
However, the clients should also understand that they can only claim their money’s worth, not the freelancer’s or the agency’s whole life!

On the other hand, clients in educated countries understand the worth of a service provider and don’t negotiate too hard.

At Strikethrough DMS, I have gradually learned to say no to toxic clients and ask for a legit amount for the quality services that we provide, be it any of these money-making machines:
💰LinkedIn Personal Branding
💰Social Media Management
💰Performance Marketing
💰Digital Marketing
💰Website Design
💰Ad management
💰Video Editing

PS: I have had the honor of working with a life coach, a farm owner, and a logistics company from different countries in the recent past.
It’s really worth staying awake to be their 3 am friend aka service provider.

What do you say?

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